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Catholic Opinion

A 30 minute weekly programme of biblical and Catholic Church commentary.


  • Producer / Presenter: Victor Grubi

    A self-declared elderly spiritual scholar and traditional Catholic, Victor Grubi is a family man with a large extended family, who plays tennis, plays the piano and attends many Catholic churches around Auckland.

  • Presenter: Fr. Antony Sumich

    With great grandparents and grandfathers from Dalmacia and Croatia, Fr. Antony was born and raised in Auckland and schooled at St. Peter’s College. He played Senior Rugby at Marist and coached international rugby with a Croatian team. A senior cricket player and qualified ski instructor Fr. Antony has visited over 70 countries and studied for the priesthood in Germany and the USA.  Ordained in 2008 he has worked in Nigeria, Canada, US & NZ and speaks English, Croatian, French, German and is learning Maori.

Catholic Opinion

Friday, 11 October, 2019

The Holy Rosary

Catholic Opinion celebrates the feast of the Rosary with the Rosary prayed in English, Māori and Latin.

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