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Women's Voices

This half hour series features interviews and discussions on matters of interest to women in general and migrant women in particular.  Women working in the community talk to women with shared experiences, to people who can help, to female achievers. Heartfelt and empowering discussions about crucial topics in women's lives networking women’s issues, women’s arts and talents.


  • Hosts: Ethnic Women

    Women who have worked in the community sector talk with women with a wealth of experience in settling and thriving here. Hear Rezwan, Asoka, Shila, Jenny and Kiran talking with women from helping agencies, women with stories and talents that offer wisdom and clues about building their lives in Aotearoa/NZ.

Women's Voices

Saturday, 21 February, 2009

Language Line

Finding information is central to settling in NZ. Language Line is a phone service set up to help remove the barriers to accessing information from government agencies. Diana Clark of Language Lines explains how the service works. Interpretation services are offered for 60 agencies in 44 languages. First b’cast 2009

Previous podcasts

  • Personal Safety

    • SATURDAY 21/02/2009
    • Health

    Jessica Phaung, Police Liaison officer talks about keeping safe when shopping – looking after your handbag, avoiding exposure to thieves in the retail setting and keeping an eye open for threatening behaviour. Keeping safe in your car when driving. Also tips for retailers for preventing theft including street visibility and shop layout. First b’cast 2009

  • Workplace English

    • FRIDAY 20/02/2009
    • Health

    Kirin and Asoka talk with Angela Yatri ESOL advisor for the Auckland region. Migrants with great skills and strengths who do speak English often struggle to understand NZ English and make themselves understood. Angela speaks about the need to breach a language gap which includes understanding local work culture, vocabulary, pronunciation and the language for special settings – e.g. customer services. First b’cast 2009

  • Winter Blues

    • FRIDAY 20/02/2009
    • Health

    Coming from very different climates some migrants find winter here depressing. Jenny and Asoka talk about seasonal mood changes and ways of dealing with such moods. They look at habit changes, other ways of using our time and lifting our spirits.

  • Food and culture

    • WEDNESDAY 5/11/2008
    • Health

    Women's Voices team, Kiran, Asoka and Jenny,all migrant women, ask what the connections are between food and culture, food and religions. First broadcast July 2007

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