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Tongan SDA

For the Tongan Seventh Day Adventist community this is their weekly half hour of choir music, prayer and devotions conducted by a pastor.


  • Presenter: Paula Uiloa

    Paula has a large family. The father of eight is grandfather to twenty-seven and great-grandpa to eight. So it’s good news for all that Paula loves to cook and garden. He’ll happily put down a hangi and go fishing. He loves education. He was schooled in Tonga where he developed his fondness for rugby. His radio presentations are part of his service to his church community.


  • Presenter: Billy Esau

    Pastor of the Penrose branch of the Tongan SDA church, Billy’s passion is pastoral care. While spare time means a chance to relax with his wife, son and daughter, he always appreciates the chance to sneak in some a round of tennis. He is a keen fisherman, although church and family obligations means catching dinner is a rare treat!

Tongan SDA

Thursday, 17 September, 2020

Tongan Seventh Day Adventist

Weekly church bulletin with prayer, sermon and music.

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