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The Pila Tomu Show

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Get ready to get moving! With their focus firmly set on promoting health and wellbeing among Pasefika communities in Auckland, Pila and Kalo take their popular aerobic routine to the airwaves. Join in for a workout that can be done by anyone, no matter their abilities. Walkers and wheelchairs welcome!


  • Producer / Presenter: Pila Tomu

    A champion bike racer in Tonga, it was actually Pila’s unique style of singing and songrwrtiting that gained him popularity and took him to Auckland, which is now home. While his entertainment work has continued, he returned to his fitness roots by developing an aerobics programme that he has rolled out across Auckland, encouraging his community to achieve health and wellness no matter their age or abilities.

  • Producer / Presenter: Kalolaine Tomu

    Kalo and husband Pila met through aerobics where they became friends and eventually tied the knot in 2018. Working part-time at Glen Innes Primary School helping new students settle in and learn English, Kalo spends a lot of time juggling fitness and family but when she has a moment to relax you can find her and Pila tending to their garden.

  • Sione Tomu

    As part of the Tomu whānau, Sione is a seasoned exercise instructor, but when he’s not in front of a fitness class you can find him working up a sweat in the garden, where he produces kumara, yams and taro.  A regular listener to podcasts and radio, he’ll tune in to anything that keeps him connected to his community here and in Tonga, where he returns to visit family when he can.

The Pila Tomu Show

Tuesday, 10 May, 2022

The Pila Tomu Show

Aerobic exercises for all ages and abilities

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