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The Art of Peace

Exploring practical ways of promoting peace, The Art of Peace is presented by the International Peace Youth Group and features interviews and conversations with a wide range of people and organisations doing their bit to instill peace in their communities.


  • Presenter / Producer: Matt Jeffries

    A volunteer liaison for the International Peace Youth Group for the last few years, Matt got involved with the organisation after attending one of their annual events, where he was inspired by the practical ways in which they “do” peace. He is a Teacher Aide by profession but away from work and volunteering he enjoys video games with friends from around the world, good yarns and going for drives to explore new places.

The Art of Peace

Monday, 12 April, 2021

Digital Discipline: Part II

Digital Discipline founder Tony Laulu continues his discussion with The Art of Peace about the projects he is working on and offers tips and advice for people struggling with technology addiction.

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