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Takanga 'Enau Fohe

Vaiola and Mahe are putting together nearly two hours weekly of valuable health information for women and elders, of interviews with Tongan leaders, community notices, news and music plus lessons in Tongan as a first language. With a deep love of their culture and language the hosts offer a rich source of education and inspiration.


  • Producer / Presenter: Mahe Haunga

    Mahe is a Health Navigator guiding Pacific people through the hospital system and helping them access resources. Together with his wife Vaiola he is involved in the Niu Ola Health Trust. On air he continues to promote health options and information on dealing with government agencies. He loves his heritage and is keen to promote the Tongan language.

  • Researcher: Vaiola Mone Haunga

    Vaiola has a background in nursing and is a Director of a Health Trust that delivers health programmes to Tongan communities throughout NZ and the radio is a chance to extend that outreach. The mother of four comes from the villages of Tolaha and Vaini, loves traditional dancing and cooking lu and taro.

Takanga 'Enau Fohe

Monday, 18 November, 2019

Health, education and inspiration for Anga-Fakatonga

With a deep love of Tongan language and culture, Mahe presents valuable health information, language lessons, discussions with elders about ways of keeping in touch with Tongan traditions.

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