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Sathiya Oḷi

Here is a monthly programme offering comfort and inspiration through scripture. Pastors David and Suganya are dedicated to serving God and their community.


  • Presenter: David Rajasekar

    A Senior Pastor of All Nations Foursquare Church, David is dedicated to serving the Lord. He and wife Suganya, also a Senior Pastor, are motivated by their faith and are working to build a church that serves God and people with passion and faith. They offer counsel and encouragement to families through words and prayer and take joy in providing the services they do.

  • Producer: Suganya Rajasekar

    Suganya is a Senior Pastor of All Nations Foursquare Church along with husband David and is passionate about her faith and committed to serving her community through God. Both Suganya and David are gifted in music, piano and guitar, and believe in offering praises and worship through every season.

Sathiya Oḷi

Wednesday, 23 September, 2020

Sathiya Oḷi

Hymns, psalms and inspiration from the bible in Tamil.

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