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It stands for Rangatahi Organised Against Racism, and ROAR On Air is an extension of this inspiring collective, led by young people passionate about racial equity. Get ready to get deep with comprehensive discussions around the challenges we face in Aotearoa and the positive actions we can all take to ensure we are educated, informed and motivated to tackle the tough stuff.


  • Producer / Presenter: Hiria Cameron

    She’s spent various stints across Australia but for Hiria, Aotearoa is and always will be home. Her role at the Institute for Courage Conversations About Race takes her all over the country advocating and educating on racial equity, a topic she is passionate about. Between work and family life she makes time for another passion, rugby league, with grassroots footy keeping her grounded and connected to her community.

  • Panel Operator: Johnson Murray

    A keen traveler and interested in learning about other places and cultures, Johnson spent six months exploring Asia and has his sight set on a return trip. Family is a big part of his life, and he spends as much time as he can with his cousins. In his spare time, Johnson is an active sports player but also enjoys reading manga and listening to music.


Wednesday, 1 April, 2020


Courageous conversations about race and racism in Aotearoa

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