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Red Alert Radio

What's really going on? Local M.P.'s and local board members have the experience and the connections to talk to those in the know about vital issues affecting our lives as a community and a nation. Get past the headlines and hear from the frontlines of the issues that most touch you.


  • Producer / Presenter : Julie Fairey

    Julie is one of five Roskill Community Voice reps on the Puketapapa Local Board. She has a strong interest in how the council can use its resources to get better community, economic and environmental outcomes.   With a background in education, Julie is an activist by nature with a passion for social justice.  When not on the radio, a computer or in a meeting she is running a busy household which includes three children.  Time out is reading science fiction.

  • Presenter: Priyanca Radhakrishnan

    Priyanca is a Labour list MP. She has extensive experience working with women survivors of violence and migrant workers facing exploitation. She is passionate about social justice and strongly believes that everyone deserves to live with dignity. In her down time, you can find Priyanca playing board games with friends or spending time with her husband and two rescue dogs.

  • Presenter: Shane Henderson

    Previously a community lawyer in Henderson, Shane is now the Chair of the Henderson –Massey Local Board, elected under the Labour Party banner in 2016.  He is a proud Westie who in his community law role gave free advice and gained many insights into community needs. In his downtime, Shane enjoys cricket and goes surfing and hiking.

  • Presenter: Marja Lubeck

    Marja arrived in Aotearoa from Holland in 1989. As a travel lover and self-confessed workaholic, she struck a balance working for 21 years as a flight attendant for Air NZ. An invitation to campaign for Labour in Rodney piqued her political interest and she's been hooked ever since. She lives with her husband and son Max near Wellsford, where they share a five acre block with their cows, chickens and ducks.

  • Presenter: Anahila Kanongata'a-Suisuiki

    An MP since 2017, Anahila is passionate about family values. Her career includes over 17 years social work experience, a broadcast role for Radio Tonga of Aotearoa, and she has been as a catalyst for action and change for women, social services and community groups. On top of all that, she’s also a boss in the sports department, having held managerial roles for Lofa Tonga National Women’s Rugby and Otahuhu RFC, and currently as vice president of the NZ Tonga RFA.

  • Presenter: Christine O'Brien

    A member of the Māngere–Ōtāhuhu Local Board, Christine works part-time in the Manukau East Electorate office. Her family’s values of social justice and community service drew her to years of volunteer work and into politics. She believes Council support for the arts fosters wellbeing, innovative thinking, economic opportunity and is essential to thriving communities. On free evenings, she reads, watches K-Dramas or exercises her two rescue dogs.

  • Presenter: Greg Presland (RAR)

    A practising lawyer and Chair of the Waitākere Ranges Local Board, Greg has been an active supporter and Labour activist since joining the Labour Party in 1975 – though some of his best friends are Greens. He is a sometime contributor to political blog The Standard, and when he’s taking a break from work and politics, he can be found enjoying a round of golf.

  • Presenter: Maria Meredith

    Maria was elected in a by-election to the Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board in 2018. Her background is in education, health and disability and business management. With a main goal of completing her PhD in Education, she has an interest in community development, family education, environmental issues, health and wellbeing. Maria lives with her husband Eugene, four children, father-in-law and their dog in Glen Innes.

Red Alert Radio

Thursday, 25 June, 2020

Political Current Affairs

Auckland Labour M.P.'s and local board members host guests who are in the know about local and national issues of current concern.

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