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Radio Shalom

It' a miscellany and a medley of the Jewish community for 30 minutes every week. The Auckland Jewish community is reflected in discussion and interviews, devotion, events and festivals, skits, plays and a monthly music special, which airs a potpourri of Israeli singers and song writers.


  • Producer / Presenter: Joan Lardner-Rivlin

    Joan Lardner-Rivlin, QSM has been presenting Radio Shalom since 1998. She loves radio for its ability to keep in touch with members of the community, for people to tell their stories, to share their music, their enthusiasms and their opinions! Joan is deeply engaged in community work, but still finds time for her global grandchildren.

  • Presenter: Sigal Buttle

    Sigal is a media animal – writing historical novels, scripts for short films and online documentaries. Joining Radio Shalom as a presenter she is able to explore her culture, the artists, writers and personalities. The mother of two school-aged kids, Sigal came to NZ from Israel in 1998 when she married a Kiwi. Spare time is for the outdoors - paddle-boarding, surfing and tramping.

Radio Shalom

Sunday, 16 September, 2018

Yom Kippur

We've celebrated the new year and now it's time for reflection. What is the meaning of Yom Kippur and how is it observed?

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