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Radio Inqilaab

Radio Inqilaab critically analyses local and global current affairs in light of historical facts in order to uncover their underlying causes. The aim is to raise awareness amongst listeners about social injustice through discussions and interviews with informed guests. Radio Inqilaab seeks to provide viable and lasting solutions to eradicate inequality from society and explores local events and actions in support of local community well-being. Talkback to the hosts on 64.9.815 8100


  • Presenter: Anu Kaloti

    Anu Kaloti is a food microbiologist who likes to get to the heart of ideas. She is a keen reader, writes poetry and holds dear the principle that all humans are equal. Anu loves to share information that can make a difference in listeners’ lives. She enjoys exploring NZ, listening to music with meaningful lyrics and baking celebration cakes.

  • Presenter: Bharti Kaloti

    Bharti is an Electronics engineer by qualification and profession. Applying the disciplines of an engineer to his concerns for social justice, Bharti suggests that present day social issues are so complex they need the attention of compassionate technicians and social engineers to reconstruct society in an egalitarian and just way. It is as a Social Engineer that Bharti engages with local and global communities.

Radio Inqilaab

Monday, 20 September, 2021

Revolutionary radio - critical analysis on global affairs

The hosts critically analyse local and global current affairs. They offer commentary, interviews, discussion and debate on social justice issues.

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  • Trade Unions

    • WEDNESDAY 7/06/2017
    • Commentary

    Radio Inqilaab speaks to Mandeep Singh of First Union, on the role of trade unions. How they work and how do you join one?

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