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Radio Gaga

Disabled people are creating a radio space for topics that affect and interest them. Supported by the Rennaisance Group, this show is by, for and about disabled people and covers current global and community affairs. They explore housing and transport, successes in employment, education, and regularly review the city with a view to accessibility and sociability.


  • Producer / Presenter: Mel Jones

    As a young woman with a visual impairment, Mel Jones is committed to helping people understand that living with a disability is an opportunity to add unique perspectives.  While recognising the challenges of disability Mel hasn’t let hers hold her back.  She works for the Renaissance Group as a social media facilitator, also in a dine-in-the dark restaurant. Mel loves to dance to 50’s music while cooking.

  • Presenter: Joshua Hastings

    Joshua’s way of dealing with a fear of heights was to go up Skytower, indicative of his willingness to explore new opportunities and cultures. An ambition to work on radio has led him to Radio Gaga. He’s a great talker with a talent for languages. He raps in French and plays the bagpipes, practising with the Pukekohe RSA bagpipers. Josh tells us about a different disability each week.

Radio Gaga

Wednesday, 26 December, 2018

People with disabilities are doing it for themselves! ...

Housing and transport, successes in employment, education, and regular reviews of Auckland accessibility and sociability.

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