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Noel and Mimi were some of the original broadcasters when Access Radio Auckland was first being established. They are returning now to their radio roots with a programme that shares their eclectic musical tastes with an injection of positivity and inspiration. Tune in for their thought of the day and music from their personal collection, including jazz, classical, movie soundtracks and more!


  • Producer / Presenter: Mariana (Mimi) Torkington

    Born and raised in South America, Mimi has been living in New Zealand for over thirty years. She keeps up with family and friends overseas in between pursuing her many interests, which include learning the piano and studying the Japanese floral art of ikebana. Mimi is an arts therapist who is passionate about community work but also happy at home where she enjoys spending time with husband Bruce and their two gorgeous dogs.

  • Producer / Presenter: Bruce (Noel) Torkington

    His family is spread as far afield as Northland and Tauranga, but Noel is a lifetime Aucklander. A trained artist and graphic designer, Noel recently reached retirement age but continues working as well as following his many interests, which include philosophy, writing, painting and fitness. He and wife/co-host Mariana were some of the first broadcasters in the early days of access radio and return after a nearly thirty-year hiatus.


Wednesday, 19 January, 2022


A light half hour of music and more

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