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Mike's Mix

Mike's Mix puts a spotlight on the artists who created an impressive body of work but never got the mainstream airplay their music deserved. Bringing a genuine passion for a wide range of artists and genres, Mike shares hidden gems whose talents merit a new audience.


  • Producer / Presenter: Mike Williams

    A former maths teacher and senior manager, Mike Williams retired for a week before deciding he wasn’t quite ready to leave the classroom for good. He has worked at high schools in Hamilton, Wellington and Auckland, where he is now posted at St Mary’s College. His long-time passion for music is embodied by an impressive collection of CD’s covering a variety of genres.

Mike's Mix

Saturday, 2 October, 2021

Mike's Mix

A nod to great music that didn't make the mainstream

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  • Mike's Mix

    • THURSDAY 28/05/2020
    • Music

    A selection of tracks by artist whose work slipped under the mainstream radar

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