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Mallela Mala

Tune in for a celebration of Telugu language and music. Producer Govardhan runs the Canartic music school Sangeeta Bharati, and each week shares his passion and expertise in the field of Telugu music. With a particular interest in classical and film music, Mallela Mala focuses on a different musician, actor or film each week, providing insights into some of your favourite Telugu tracks. 


  • Producer/Presenter: Govardhan Mallela

    Govardhan is passionate about the Telugu language and Telugu music and together with his wife directs the Sangeeta Bharathi music school. He has served the Telugu community in Auckland for over twenty years, in his previous role as President of the New Zealand Telugu Association and currently as a Justice of the Peace and chartered accountant. 

Mallela Mala

Saturday, 27 March, 2021

Mallela Mala

A specially curated selection of Telugu music, with a focus on celebrated artists and musicians.

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