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Mafoa 'ae Ata

Here's a show that will help you start the week right. With a focus on community connections, Mafoa 'ae Ata promotes family wellbeing with essential information for parents and kids on topics from nutrition to mental health and everything in between, as well as sports updates, community notices and news from within the Auckland Tongan community.





    With over 20 years broadcasting experience, including at PMN 531, Tevita is very much at home behind the panel. Between his on-air work and truck-driving, his ideal downtime involves sleeping, but he’s still kept busy with wife Linita and their four kids. He loves a good story, a good laugh, and – if it’s on the cards – raw fish for dinner.

  • PRESENTER: Linita 'Otolose Pasi

    Fulltime mother to four kids, Linita is fully engaged in the Randwick Park community and a passionate advocate for family health and wellbeing. While her focus is very much on family time and supporting her children’s learning through school activities and sports, she also makes time for Church and enjoys gardening. In the studio, she is a well-organised and tech-savvy producer.  

Mafoa 'ae Ata

Monday, 21 June, 2021

Kalaile Sipu Vailala, Feleti Fonua and Salote Heleta Lilo

This morning's lotu was led by Kalaile Sipu Vailala, Feleti Fonua and Salote Heleta Lilo moe kainga Kolofo'ou 'i he teu e Po Lotu Fakafeta'i 'a e Kainga

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