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Loto Ofa

Loto Ofa Whatu Manawa Educational Services aim to raise the achievements of Pasifika students through their heritage languages. Incorporating the values of discussion and long conversation with loving concern and connection, the programme covers current educational topics focusing on early childhood education. The show is not limited to entry level education and encourages community participation in teaching our kids.


  • Presenter: Ileini Taione

    A former Education Co-ordinator in the Ministry of Education, and Lecturer in the school of Education at the Auckland University of Technology, Ileini now operates with her husband their own company and provides professional development to many ECE centres throughout Auckland. They have two daughters and she relaxes by swimming and listening to Tongan lullabies.

  • Presenter: Johnny Taione

    As the co-director for Loto Ofa Whatu Manawa Educational Services, Johnny supports his wife in implementing and ensuring that services to early childhood centres or the community are provided in a timely manner. The husband and wife team enjoy working and meeting people from any ethnicities and love to share and help Tongans in Aotearoa.

Loto Ofa

Thursday, 16 August, 2018

Loto Ofa

Hear what's happening in education, especially early childhood education. Information and resources to help you get your kids through school.

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