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Besides being tasty and satisfying, food is fascinating.  Barry Wong, a PhD student in food science introduces us to the many fascinating facets of food – nutrition, gastronomy, facts and fictions about foods. Is coconut milk just another fat? Why is high-fructose corn syrup demonised? Are there superfoods? Covering new topics every week, Barry speaks with the experts and gathers food news from around the world.


  • Producer / Presenter: Barry Wong

    Barry is a Wellingtonian who studied at Otago University for five years and is now at AUT doing a Ph.D in food science.  He’s a talented cook who especially enjoys baking bread and making dumplings.  When not swotting and cooking, Barry is learning to play piano and the ocarina, practising archery or catching up with friends for Yum Cha.  He reads food magazines and mystery novels.


Wednesday, 25 July, 2018


Nutrition, gastronomy, facts and fictions about food.

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