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The Tama Tu’u Tonga o Ngaue Trust (TTT) is an organisation focused on eliminating corruption and ensuring the accountability of people in power. The trust strives to educate and encourage Tongans both in Tonga and in Aotearoa to exercise civic responsibility, to engage and to empower themselves and their communities. The radio programme is based on the Trust’s values and incorporates music and prayer as well as interviews with experts and commentators from a range of backgrounds.


  • Producer / Presenter: Siosiua Toki

    An ex Unitec student and a self-employed quantity surveyor by trade, Siosiua is Chairperson of TTT and is dedicated to sharing knowledge and insights from across all areas of life; from sports to religion and politics. While his work and the Trust keep him busy, he’s a Mate Ma'a Tonga supporter and downtime is best spent watching the rugby.

  • Producer / Presenter: Tokaloni Tu'uhetoka

    In his role as Secretary for TTT, Tokaloni has the opportunity to exercise his passion for politics and to educate citizens on fighting corruption and holding Government to account. A builder by profession, he is a father of six and kept busy with family life, which includes caring for his young twins. A perfect day out with the whānau would be spent outdoors, either fishing or in the bush.


Thursday, 9 April, 2020

Education through empowerment

Holding power to account and ensuring citizens are educated and empowered

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