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Lady Fats Radio Show

With musicians, therapists, and psychologists on the guest-list, this show is about entertainment and community engagement. Tune in for discussions on mental health, youth issues, shout-outs, and to hear the best and latest underground music selected by your host for the evening, Lady Fats. She’s standing by and the request line is open…


  • Presenter/Producer: Lata Ma'u

    Heard that voice before? Better known to some as Lady Fats, Lata is known across Australasia as a regular on the underground reggae scene. She spends most of her weekends performing across the ditch, but when she’s home you’ll find her scouting out the hottest local music and, when she’s got the time, the ocean is her go-to place to relax and unwind.

Lady Fats Radio Show

Monday, 16 May, 2022

Lady Fats Radio Show

Music, shout-outs and interviews hosted by Lady Fats

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  • Lady Fats Radio Show

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    • Youth

    Music, requests and shout-outs brought to you by Lady Fats

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