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Kiribati Voice

For an hour each week the Kiribati community gets together to listen to music, news, community notices, interviews with Kiribati dignatories, community leaders, government ministries and information in support of social, economic and civic advancements. Listen too for Kiribati history and culture, kids and cooking, stories and devotions.



  • Producer / Presenter: Charles Enoka

    From the islands of Butantari, Tarawa and Banaba, Charles is committed to his Kiribati heritage, leading the Kiribati community here in the provision of radio services on-air and off. Playing tennis and reading are favourite pastimes for the father of four teenage girls who works as a Court interpreter in the family and criminal courts, and as a translator.

Kiribati Voice

Wednesday, 22 January, 2020

Kiribati Current Affairs

Pacific, local and community news. Latest from government agencies - housing, immigration, employment, WINZ. Interviews with Kiribati leaders. Kaoti ami lango.

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