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Keep Auckland Beautiful

Here’s a programme that showcases community activities that preserve and enhance the Auckland environment. With two harbours, volcanoes, islands and bush-clad ranges, Auckland is a beautiful city. But the pressure of population could spoil it. Hear about ideas and projects that help us all meet the challenge of clean water, a litter free landscape and becoming the world’s most liveable city.


  • Producer / Presenter: Richard Leckinger

    As a Master of Science in Renewable Energy, Richard has worked as a ministerial advisor and policy analyst. He renews his own energy through yoga, meditation and sailing. The ability to stay calm under fire served him well during the five years he spent supporting Doctors without Borders in war zones. He migrated from the U.S. in 1992 and is delighted to call Auckland home.

Keep Auckland Beautiful

Monday, 23 March, 2020


Ways you can get involved with Ideas and projects to support the Auckland environment. Showcasing community activities that preserve and enhance Auckland's unique setting.

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