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Kaniva Tonga

As managers of a bilingual Tongan news website, the Kaniva Tonga crew link you to the very latest happenings and open discussion on Kaniva Forum topics. There’s news, analysis, opportunities to phone-in, round-ups of this week’s main events and music. Listen too for the series of lessons on Tongan language.


  • Producer / Presenter: Kalino Latu

    Kalino is the father of six children, several of whom are helping with the Kaniva Pacific news service online and on air. He is a musician and composer of Tongan music and a keen Rugby Union fan. Kalino studied at Auckland University and Unitec and is keen to keep Tongans well informed and with opportunities to express their opinions.

Kaniva Tonga

Monday, 19 August, 2019

News and Current Affairs

News and analysis from Aotearoa, Tonga and around the Pacific. Events and music. Discussion on Kaniva Forum topics.

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