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Kōrero with Karyn

Once a month Karyn checks in with a half hour show of conversation and contemplation. Tune in for topics ranging from bible study and gardening to what's going on in the Twitter-sphere, as well as a wide selection of music. Get in touch at


  • Karyn Abrahamse

    A lifetime fan of radio, Karyn got her first taste of presenting on Garden Planet, which she still hosts alongside good friend Selina Chan. Describing herself as a Lover, Fearer of God, Mother, Wife, Teacher and Learner, Karyn is also passionate about sustainability and embarked on "Kōrero with Karyn" as a platform to explore her wider ranging interests and philosophies.

Kōrero with Karyn

Wednesday, 27 April, 2022

Wide-ranging conversation

Karyn presents a half hour of discussion on everything from spirituality to what's happening in her backyard and more

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