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In the Narthex

Every aspect of the Christian Greek Orthodox Church is explored in this 30 minute show rich in church music, the lives of the saints, bible study, homilies, conversations and worship. This is your chance to discover the Greek traditions of Christianity and connect with the local Greek Orthodox community.


  • Pater / Presenter: Fr. Pavlos Patitsas

    Father Paul is the parish priest of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Western Springs. He received his Masters of Divinity in the USA, and has served four parishes there and one in New Zealand. He is a frequent visitor to the Christian Greek Orthodox Mission in Fiji, where he helps to train the new priests. He is married to his co-host, Presvytera Katerina and is a father of three.

  • Producer / Presenter: Katerina Patitsas

    For a time Katerina worked in her field of human development and psychology but once married to a priest and becoming a mother of three, she has taken up the work of a Presvytera with the Greek Orthodox Church. She is a poet and belongs to the Sunday Writers Ink group. She has discovered an affinity for radio and would have loved to work at it professionally.

In the Narthex

Friday, 24 January, 2020

Voice of the Greek Orthodox community in NZ

Listen for homilies, readings, discussions with guests, music and events in the Greek Orthodox community here and in the Pacific.

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  • The Kingdom of God is within you

    • FRIDAY 8/06/2018
    • Beliefs

    This episode explores the phrase uttered by Christ: "The Kingdom of God is within you (alternately translated as "among you" or "in the midst of you"). Aided by the music of Brandon Heath we explore the passage with its implications for our spiritual life. The Kingdom of Heaven is not a location on a map. Rather, it is the place inside each human heart where we encounter the Kingdom of God.

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