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Fungani Hake

A programme offering practical support and advice for Tongan speakers. Dealing with social problems, suicide and the day-to-day issues facing our communities, the show aims to provide a platform for people to share their stories on a range of social and health topics. Listen in for interviews and talkback, as well as Samuela’s music selection.


  • Presenter / Producer: Samuela Fifita

    Sam is connected to his community. It’s his work and passion to provide pastoral care and build relationships. His segment Le’o oe Fuiva is a wake-up call to get involved with youth, their education and navigation of society. Strumming up a tune with kava and traditional food is Samuela’s favourite recreation and often results in dancing.

Fungani Hake

Thursday, 13 December, 2018

Real talk

Discussion and talkback dealing with the social and health issues facing our communities

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