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Fanongo ki Tonga

Siosateki and Vasilini are active radio listeners for information and entertainment, so that’s what they and their team are offering on Fanongo ki Tonga.  With news, music, interviews with community members, and discussion of hobbies and sport they’re keen to give Tongans entertaining radio.  Community bulletins and a short devotion round out the show for late night listeners.


  • Presenter: Siosateki Tonga Faletau

    Sio is a busy man, working as the owner/operator motor mechanic of Preston Motors, a Justice of the Peace and Church Minister.  He plays bass and loves to sing and cook and garden. Sio organises sports for young people and has seen his rugby team join the competition for the Aoniu Cup. Radio is a passion and he has years of experience as a presenter.

  • Presenter: Vasilini Faletau

    Together with Sio, Vasilini is the mother of their 8 children, a foster mother and early childhood educator. Vasilini is a keen listener to Tongan radio, enjoying music and useful information and knowledge. She learns and practices new creative skills like cooking, sewing - exploring new styles and fashion and traditional crafts.  She enjoys reading the bible, singing and dancing, serving her family and the community.

Fanongo ki Tonga

Thursday, 12 May, 2022

Fanongo ki Tonga

Late night entertainment

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