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Eco Living in Action

Practical, everyday solutions in action.  Maureen Howard reports on eco-actions from Dunedin’s Otago Access Radio to South America, to Ireland. A roving report on eco-living. “From advice on building tiny houses, to setting up a rooftop garden, to wildlife friendly farming practices - my guests from Dunedin and from my travels are passionate individuals who are making a difference.” Check Maureen’s blog 


  • Producer / Presenter: Maureen Howard

    A Sustainability Educator and Facilitator with the Dunedin City Council for nine years, Maureen is currently travelling back to her Irish roots choosing relatively low carbon methods. She plays whistle in traditional Irish music sessions and likes to sing. With hens, fruit trees, berry bushes, glasshouse and vegetable patches, Maureen endeavours to garden for self-sufficiency. Well equipped with a PhD in Psychology, Maureen has been on-air with OAR since 2012


Eco Living in Action

Wednesday, 19 June, 2019

Eco-Living in Action

Practical, everyday solutions for living a sustainable life and healing the environment with global roving report Maureen Howard.

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