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Domo i Viti

Each week Domo i Viti serves up an action-packed hour of Fijian radio with musical dedications and requests, community and health notices, news bulletins and guest interviews.


  • Producer / Presenter: Meresiana Boladuadua

    Mere arrived in New Zealand in 1975 and has worked primarily in the health sector. Five years prior to retirement she started broadcasting at 531PI, then Planet FM. Mere enjoys cooking and sells her food for fundraisers. Her warm personality shines through her food and her radio broadcasts.

  • Presenter: Ratu Boladuadua

    Ratu is a Suva man who after years of hard work at NZ Glassworks and with Fulton Hogan has retired to enjoy his daily Sudoku, fishing, gardening and work as a Tuirara with the Wesleyan church. Ratu plays guitar, writes songs and loves to dance.

Domo i Viti

Friday, 16 April, 2021

Fijian Favourites and Community events

Mere and Ratu Buladuadua bring you updates from Fiji along with Fijian musical favourites and local events.

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