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Does This Make My Arts Look Big

Here’s a series that treats you to a taste of happenings in the creative scene in and around Auckland. Listen to intriguing interviews served up with great music! It’s art at its bite-sized tastiest.  A varied menu of musicians, writers, bloggers, venues and their fascinations.


  • Producer / Presenter: Jo Holsted

    Jo graduated from AUT with a Communications degree majoring in Radio. She swiftly tossed her radio skills to the wind and spent the following five years mostly out of New Zealand. She has dabbled in play and script-writing, production work and kindergarten teaching and is now putting her radio and kindergarten skills to work as a radio producer and a mum.

Does This Make My Arts Look Big

Wednesday, 20 August, 2014

Kaea Karepa

DTMMALB catches up with talented singer/songwriter Kaea Karepa and Marcus Powell of Crescendo Trust, an organisation that fosters young up-and-coming talent.

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