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Tuvaluan Language Week

Friday 28/09/2018

Tuvaluan is spoken on the island of Tuvalu. There are two groups of Tuvaluan dialects, based on dialects spoken in the northern and southern islands. Tuvaluan people make up the seventh largest Pacific ethnic group in New Zealand. The Tuvaluan language is closely related to the language of Samoan and distantly related to most of the other Polynesian languages. The name “Tuvalu” literally means “eight islands standing together”. Here are some greetings for anyone keen to practise:

Greetings/welcome:      Talofa

Goodbye                          Tofa

How are you                   Ea mai koe?

Please                              Fakamolemole

What's your name?         Ko oi tou igoa?

My name is ...                  Toku igoa ko ...

Good luck!                       Manuia!

Have a nice day               Manuia te aso!

Excuse me                       Tulou!

Sorry                                Fakamolemole, au kō 'sē!

Thank you                       Fakafetai / Fāfetai (more colloquial) 

 And click here to see what’s happening this week to celebrate the language and culture of Tuvalu!


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