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Tonga Language Week

Sunday 04/09/2022

The theme this year for Uike Kātoanga’i ‘o e lea faka-Tonga is Ke Tu'uloa 'a e lea faka-Tonga′ 'i Aotearoa, which means Sustaining the Tongan Language in Aotearoa.

If you're new to the language, here are some basics:

Hello:                   Malo e lelei

Welcome:           Malo e me'a mai

Goodbye:            Me'a a / 'Ofa atu

Please:                 Kataki

Thank you:          Faka'apa'apa atu

And if you want to delve deeper into the language and culture of Tonga, the Ministry for Pacific Peoples has an educational resource that includes plenty more useful phrases and tips on pronunciation, and the Tonga Language Week Facebook page has updates on this year's celebrations,

Planet FM is home to a number of Tongan language programmes, ranging from news and current affairs to health, wellbeing, education, services for seniors and beliefs. See the full menu here.


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