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Niuean Language Week

Sunday 14/10/2018

Fakaalofa lahi atu! Niuean Language Week is underway, so this is the ideal time to encourage your friends and whānau to learn some (or more!) of the language of Aotearoa’s fourth largest Pasifika community. The Niuean language is closely related to Tongan but also distantly to Māori, Sāmoan, and Hawaiian. Here are some phrases for beginners:

Hello/Greetings         Fakaalofa atu

How are you?            Malolo nakai a koe?

Fine, thank you         Malolo, fakaaue

What is your name?  Ko hai e higoa haau?

My name is ______    Ko ______ e higoa haaku

Nice to meet you       Mitaki kua feleveia a taua

Please                        Fakamolemole                 

Thank you                  Fakaue lahi

Sorry                          Fakamolemole la

The Ministry of Pacific Peoples has a more comprehensive language resource available for download here

Niuean Language Week at Auckland Museum

Wednesday 17 October - Museum staff share their connection to Niuean Language Week and celebrate through story and music.

Saturday 20 October - enjoy vibrant performances from school and community groups. Be sure to book in for the Pacific Collection Access Project (PCAP) Tours to discover the stories hidden within the Museum’s Niuean collection.

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