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New Moon, New Year

Friday 09/02/2018

The Chinese calendar is based on Moon cycles. Ancient people observed that there are 12 full moons within one year and the calendar was evolved based on the insights of farmers looking for the most favourable days for sowing and reaping. Centuries of observation have added to the qualities of each year and symbol.  The Chinese culture has built itself firmly around the lunar influence with its effect on all bodies of water, including our own.  The behaviour of humans is also reflected in societies and so has evolved the symbolic system of 12 signs rotating over 12 years moderated by five elements.  The Earth Dog symbolises 2018.

The big-hearted Dog promises a year when equality and liberty are the mood and effective changes can be introduced.  However the resolute and intense Dog also harbours the potential for upheavals and rebellions, but Dog’s good sense and unselfishness should smooth matters and maintain calm.

2018 can offer a time when we move away from pursuing money and look towards worthy projects. Quiet, kind-hearted but secretive, the Earth Dog is a good one to turn to for wise advice.  The Earth nature of the year will support practical responses to challenges but always with Dog-like duty and insight.

Chinese Lunar New Year is marked by the New Moon on February 16th but there is a month of celebrations to sample in your community. From Lantern Festival to the many community celebrations in Botany, New Lynn, Remuera, Northcote …North, South, East and West Auckland – check at your local library.

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