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Cook Islands Language Week

Sunday 04/08/2019

Te ‘Epetoma o te reo Māori Kūki ’Āirani (Cook Islands Language Week) runs from Sunday August 4 - Saturday August 10. The theme for 2019 is "Taku rama, taau toi: Ora te reo" - "My Torch, Your Adze: The Language Lives" Keeping a language alive means using it. If you’re fluent or nearly fluent, encourage friends and family to speak it as much as they can and incorporate it into everyday life. Cook Islands Māori has a number of distinct dialects, the most widely used of which is Rarotongan. For beginners, here are some phrases you can start with.  These have the same pronunciation as other Pacific languages, including te reo Māori (NZ Māori)

Hello                    Kia orana

Welcome             Turou / Aere Mai

Please                  Ine

Thank you           Meitaki

Goodbye              Aere ra (to person going) / E noo ake ra (to person staying)

Good Luck           Kia Manuia

And this video helps you with the phrases and pronunciation for an introductory conversation:


You can hear Cook Islands Maori spoken on Planet FM on the Cook Islands Health programme and be sure to catch this week’s episode of Books and Beyond, which will celebrating on Sunday August 4 at 9.35pm on 104.6FM.


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