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Classical Chromatics

Step off the busy planet for an hour with this programme of classical music. Sounds to soothe, enlighten, enrich and maybe connect you to the world of classical. From Ligeti to Philip Glass, Bach to Fauré, this is a journey through a thousand years of incredible music.


  • Producer / Presenter: Clare Martin

    Clare trained in classical music and sang in opera in the UK for fifteen years. She now balances performing, teaching, coaching choirs and leading ensembles, as well as reviewing for Radio 13. Her performances include singing in jazz and with a Leonard Cohen tribute band. Passionate about creating connections to classical music, in a previous life she ran the backstage tours programme at the Royal Opera House in London.

Classical Chromatics

Saturday, 27 June, 2020

Classical Chromatics

Clare Martin shares her love and passion for classical music

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