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Canal Espanol

This voice from the heartland is a tribute to Spanish culture. Produced in the Wairarapa and first broadcast on Arrow FM it features the festivals and special events in the Spanish calendar. Along with food and music, Canal Español aims to keep listeners in tune with what’s happening in the artistic and cultural life of Spain, focussing weekly on one event, artist or place in Spain.


  • Producer / Presenter: Veronika Beall

    Hola. I am Veronika. I’m half Spanish, half German - a Spanish migrant, who is now living on a farm in Alfredton, with my husband, farm dogs and a cat. Previously in Hospitality, I now work at Arrow FM as Assistant Manager. I grew up in the south of Spain and have a passion for flamenco music.

Canal Espanol

Saturday, 26 September, 2020

A tribute to Spanish culture.

A treat for Spanish Speakers. Hear about the life, culture and history of Spain. Sample the music from a fan of flamenco.

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