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Monday, 22 April, 2013

Nelson Mandela

Dame Cath Tizard is Phil's guest on Nelson Mandela's birthday. Phil explains why he regards Mandela as the most influential figure of the 20th century and talks with Dame Cath about her talks with him when she hosted his NZ visit in 1995. Hear what Nelson Mandela said about the role of New Zealanders protesting against the 1981 Springbok Tour. First b'cast 18 July 2013

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Two Sugars

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Gospel Miracle Time

For thirty minutes John Bayliss explores the Christian message with songs and talks about God’s love for humanity as revealed through Jesus Christ. There are thoughts here for those who are hurting, about the compassion of Jesus and ways to get right with God, along with prayers for those in need.

Planet FM 30th Anniversary

In 2017 Planet FM turned 30 years old.  Planet FM’s history reflects the life of the region we represent and the communities who have chosen to make media in support of established and new communities in up to 52 languages. Among the rich array of programming there are cultural reflections, special needs and interests, colourful music selections and a great array of community conversations. We celebrate not only our 30 years but our role in reflecting Aucklanders in all our diversity.

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