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Amuse Gueule

Every week, the team at Amuse-Gueule greets you with news and events from French-speaking countries, from within New Zealand, and from around the world. Listen for reports on cultural and sporting events, history, stories and laugh-out-loud lightheartedness. Amuse-Gueule is the weekly rendezvous for Auckland's Francophones and Francophiles alike! Phone the show on [09. 815.8100]


  • Producer / Presenter: David Dromer

    David Dromer has been a New Zealand resident since 1996 and has had regular sessions at Amuse-Gueule since 2002. He has been in the book business since arriving and always enjoys reviewing books on the show. Exploring New Zealand’s coastline and discovering special beaches is a favourite past-time. Now the producer of Amuse Gueule, David presents features and takes part in debates.


  • Presenter: Blandine Massiet du Biest

    Blandine has a very creative life and her work on Amuse Gueule is another expression of her interests in arts and literature. She writes cookbooks, organises art courses for French children and works as a video editor. On air she keeps listeners up with cooking, literature, music, cinema. She’s a programme planner and presents kids’ association news.

  • Presenter: Julie De Saedeleer

    Julie is a young mother of two and a lecturer in Mathematics.  She is passionate about outreach science activities and loves to share it with listeners. She also enjoys topics on children, dance and sports. She arrived in NZ in 2013 and joined the Amuse Gueule team in 2016. Julie still feels quite new to the country but is enjoying this new adventure.

  • Presenter: Frederique Vanholsbeeck

    Frederique arrived in NZ in 2003 for no more than 10 years to work at the Physics Department at the University of Auckland. She started to participate to Amuse Gueule back in 2008 as a comic strip specialist. She is now a regular and loves to talk about her passions for physics and science in general, comics strips and travels.

Amuse Gueule

Sunday, 21 June, 2020

News and events for French speakers

Listen for reports on cultural and sporting events, history, stories and laugh-out-loud lightheartedness.

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