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Workers' Voice

Workers’ Voice is a show aiming to educate people on the history, culture, music of the Labour movement. Getting together on air monthly, we will discuss workers’ rights and current union news. We’ll rummage through the issues and listen to stories. This radio is sponsored and produced by the Unite Union.


  • Presenter: Mike Treen

    Mike Treen is the National Director of Unite Union. He led the campaign to end zero-hour contracts in the food industry. Mike’s a spokesperson for Global Peace and Justice Auckland. He loves reading, music and films almost as much as organising picket lines.

  • Producer: Shanna Reader

    Shanna has been on-and-off radio since age 16. She is a Union organiser for Unite Union working with members in hotels and call centres. When she isn’t fighting for workers’ rights she can be found wandering through the Waitakere Ranges in search of kokako, or binge-watching TV shows about Alaska.

  • Presenter: Nadia Abu-Shanab

    Nadia is the Unite organiser for Auckland Central. She's an experienced Unemployed Rights advocate and trained Early Childhood Educator. She loves Quiet Storm, R'n'B and Hiphop, cooking and sharing Middle Eastern kai. Nadia imagines we’d all be happier with a three-day week that allowed us to do important unpaid work and gave us more time for family, creativity and community.

  • Presenter: Joe Carolan

    Active in socialist politics from age 17, Joe had a punk band called "Death to Bourgeois Culture". He graduated with an Hons degree in Media and Politics from the University of Ulster, Coleraine. Joe moved to the Waikato in Nov 1999 where he met his partner and became active in the Socialist Workers Organisation. After gaining a Masters in Equality Studies at UC Dublin, Joe joined the Unite Union as an organiser in 2005.

  • Presenter: Angelyse-Heitiare Armstrong

    Angelyse is an organiser with Unite Union. She came from KFC as a delegate, bargaining team member and a former Unite Union executive. She counts netball, Cook Island dancing and LGBTIQ rights among her myriad of interests.

Workers' Voice

Wednesday, 15 November, 2017

Unite! Keeping workers informed on rights and actions.

Workers from the Unite Union discuss workers’ rights and current union news, examine current events and policies that effect workers.

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