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Why Is That?

Producer and presenter of Why Is That?, Simon Dennerly, declares himself a contrarian who, in this show, aims to challenge common narratives and widespread beliefs and questions. Interested in philosophy, world affairs and modern social movements, Simon introduces guests from a wide range of areas and disciplines – a curious show of thought provoking ideas.


  • Producer / Presenter: Simon Dennerly

    With degrees in political studies, business, theology and philosophy, Simon has wide ranging interests in current thought on everything from media and social movements to business and the impacts of emerging technologies. Nurturing a vegetable garden gives him time to think as well as some great heritage harvests. Simon has an eclectic taste in music and always a book at hand.

Why Is That?

Tuesday, 20 June, 2017

Viewpoints on modern social movements

A contrarian view of philosophy, current affairs, media and modern social movements.

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