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Voice Blo Ni Van

Everything that may be of interest to Vanuatuans living away from home features on Blo Ni Van. Favourite music, news of the community here and internationally, sports reports and interviews feature along with devotional time. A first for the Pacific region, this show is a great chance to hear the voice of Vanuatu.


  • Presenter: Waimarama Kalsakau

    Waimarama came from Vanuatu in 2009. A massage therapist by trade, he is a practical guy who now works as a general Assembler of air-conditioning for Temperzone. Married to Elizabeth, he loves to cook and sing. He’s also fond of reading about and playing sport. Experience of radio in Rarotonga made him consider the value radio would have for seasonal workers and students new to NZ.

  • Presenter: Elizabeth Kalsakau

    Elizabeth is a Plunket Nurse who is also deeply involved in missionary work. She studies the Bible, education and history and trains gospel workers. She and husband Waimarama both love to cook, but her specialty is vegetarian. Elizabeth is from the Cook Islands and has observed there how radio connects communities which is her goal for Vanuatuans in NZ.

Voice Blo Ni Van

Sunday, 15 July, 2018

Vanuatu in Aotearoa

A chance for Vanuatuans living away from home to hear their favourite music, local and regional news.

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