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The ancient Indian philosophy of Vedanta illuminates the esoteric teachings of the Upanishads, foundation texts of Hinduism, composed from the 9th century BCE until modern times. Vedanta trains you to think independently, helps you probe into the essence of human personality, directs you to study, reflect, and realise the permanent truth of life.


  • Producer: Vai Ravindran

    Vai has been producing radio programmes since 1997 and given service to temple and spiritual organisations over his years in Auckland. Born in Madras, Vai works in the IT industry and is well known among Tamils for his community activities. For Vedanta, Vai has assembled a team to offer information in English about this ancient practice.

  • Presenter: Akhila Suresh

    Akhila is the mother of two young girls. Currently she is studying for a diploma in Computing and is eager to return to the workforce. Music and dance are her great loves and she is proud that her girls are already showing talent in both. Akhila likes to travel and together with her husband, a structural engineer, and their girls they have explored most of New Zealand.

  • Presenter: Jay Sampath Kumar

    Jay is an international student in NZ doing computer studies. He’s a great swimmer and a keen explorer who loves Nature which he sees abundantly here. Sachin Tendulkar is his cricket hero and when he’s listening to music Wiz Khalifa is likely to be on high rotate.


Friday, 24 March, 2017

The ancient Indian philosophy of Vedanta

Discussions on the Indian philosophy of Vedanta invite us to reflect on the ancient teachings of the Upanishads, foundation texts of Hinduism.

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