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Taulama FakaKosipeli

  • 03:55pm Thursday 03:55pm Thursday
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Taulama Faka-Kosipeli is a 30 minute weekly religious programme that offers short devotional messages, words of encouragement, news and weekly bulletins for Tongan Methodists around the Auckland region.


  • Presenter: Siniva Vaitohi

    The mother of five young children from South Auckland, Siniva Vaitohi is a Secondary School teacher, who has produced, presented, and panelled for Taulama Fakakosipeli since 1997. As a relaxation from the demands of teaching, Siniva loves cooking, music, reading, arts & crafts. Assisting her with the programme is her husband Feleti.

  • Presenter: Feleti Vaitohi

    You may meet Feleti as you arrive in NZ – he’s a Quarantine Inspector working for the Ministry for Primary Industries based at Auckland Airport. As a father of five he enjoys taking his kids to their extra curricular activities. Watching sport, especially rugby union and league, is a preferred past-time along with reading and Feleti loves to sing.

Taulama FakaKosipeli

Thursday, 18 April, 2019

Your weekly service from Auckland Tongan Methodists.

A sermon, devotions, rousing religious music and community bulletin, hosted by the talented Vaitohi team.

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