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Susegad Danpaar

Konkani is the language of Goa, Mangalore, Karwar from South of Maharshtra to north of Kerala and is only spoken, rather than written, so radio is the perfect place to keep the language alive in the Kiwi Konkani community. Your hosts, the Good Guys, play a rich selection of old and contemporary Konkani music, talk with local community personalities, present short radio plays, connect with community events and promote the culture and traditions.


  • Presenter: Richard Miranda

    Born and raised in Mumbai, Richard migrated with his family to NZ in 2003.  They settled for the first few years on the South Island's West Coast which Richard loved. Family needs saw them move to Auckland where he is still able to pursue his passion for tramping, gardening, music and cooking. Richard is an active member of the Catholic community in Avondale.

  • Presenter: Hector de Souza

    Married with two children, Hector is a student of German who loves to sing classical music. Born and raised in Mumbai he migrated to Aotearoa in 2003. He is a chartered accountant who is passionate about gardening and holds a certificate in horticulture. Hector loves the outdoors and enjoys mentoring young people. He is a secular Franciscan.

  • Presenter: Baptist Lobo

    Born in Mangalore, Baptist was brought to Mumbai aged just 6 months. There he lived, was educated and worked.  He is a NZ qualified chartered and certified public accountant who is on the path to becoming a Distinguished Toastmaster. His interests include playing bridge, music and dance and twice a week Baptist volunteers as a trainer encouraging people to be active using Bollywood music for exercise.

Susegad Danpaar

Saturday, 13 April, 2019

Konkani Music and Community News

Hear the language of Konkani and get to know the local Konkani-speaking community with local news and entertainment.

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