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South Africa NZ Live

Saturday nights come alive with the music of South Africa, news of South Africans here and events in South Africa. There are interviews and talkback to keep the community current with everything from weather to entertainments, dedications and cultural discussions, all to the rhythms of old school, jazz, kwaito, sokkie, house, RnB ... Studio live 64.9.815.8100


  • Producer / Presenter: Deon Wallace

    Photography, dee-jaying, music and sport all grab Deon’s attention when he’s not working as an IT professional. Family life is rich and busy with wife Shireen working behind the scenes on the radio show and two daughters who are students and sometime presenters. Deon loves cooking and developing entertainment events for the South African community.

  • Presenter: Sheri-Dean Wallace

    A student of dance, Sheri–Dean is aiming to use her training for performance and teaching. She loves to dance and watch television. She’s interested in the well-being of her community and brings a youth perspective to the radio show with music, interviews and discussions about the things affecting young people.

  • Presenter: Erin Wallace

    Erin is picking up her dad’s talent for DJing and likes to add music to the programme. She is a student with plans to do Business studies and ultimately be the first woman President of South Africa, Erin meantime loves to spend time with friends, eat, take and post selfies.

South Africa NZ Live

Saturday, 13 April, 2019

Entertainments for South Africans here and in S.A.

Entertainment radio with views, community, commentary, shout-outs and great South African music.

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  • New Laws for ExPat's

    • WEDNESDAY 27/06/2018
    • Health

    SANZ catches up with Rudi Stander of Rand Reunite to discuss the new laws proposed by SARS (South Africa Revenue Service)

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