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Here’s 90 minutes of great entertainment for under 30’s Korean speakers. The Seoulite team play music of all sorts, and keep up with current events. They talk with friends about jobs, hobbies, lifestyles, their interests and life in Auckland. There’s news from Korea and NZ, stuff about politics and a sprinkling of gossip – all the ingredients for a fun night.


  • Producer / Presenter: Kichang Cho

    House, beats, dance are Ki’s favourites and he’ll be sharing them on air. Ki works on the Shore with Samsung, enjoys tennis and console gaming. With the rest of the Seoulite crew he’s mad on golf and he likes to go clubbing.

  • Presenter / Panel: Alex Ryu

    Back in 2002 A Night in Seoul was a mainstay show on Planet FM and Alex was one of the ANIS crew then. On Seoulite he’s back on Planet with panelling skills, newly married and with years in the hospitality trade. A trade that matches his interests in dining out, trying new eateries, savouring wines and playing golf.

  • Commentator: Eugene Chang

    With an interest in film and music and popular culture Eugene brings stories to air that are not common knowledge. He leads a creative life working with wood and carpentry, making boxes and furniture through his web gallery. Eugene loves Italian/Asian fusion cooking, is a fanatic for coffee and … golf.

  • Presenter: John Lee

    A graduate of A.U. John works as a health professional. He’s a people watcher with an interest in cultural backgrounds and lifestyle differences. Socialising with friends is a favourite activity,  as is watching football, playing guitar and recording on his home setup. And he plays golf.


Tuesday, 28 November, 2017

Great entertainment for under 30’s

Music, lifestyle, commentary and gossip for Korean speakers.

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