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Red Alert Radio

What's really going on? Local M.P.'s and local board members have the experience and the connections to talk to those in the know about vital issues affecting our lives as a community and a nation. Get past the headlines and hear from the frontlines of the issues that most touch you.


  • Presenter: Michael Wood

    Michael has represented Mt. Roskill in Parliament since November 2016.  The father of three young boys has a huge interest in Auckland’s future. Along with commentary on key political issues, his interviews seek out a range of informed perspectives on Auckland. Outside work and politics, Michael loves walking, cricket, gardening and spending time on the Waikowhai Coast.

  • Presenter: Jenny Salesa M.P.

    Involved in political organising since her student years, Jenny entered Parliament for the people of Manukau East in 2014. Trained as a barrister and solicitor with extensive experience in education and public health both here and in the U.S., Jenny is a strong advocate of opportunities for all. The Tongan-speaking mother of two daughters is married to an academic and has great ambitions for young people’s success.

Red Alert Radio

Thursday, 23 March, 2017

Political Current Affairs

Auckland Labour M.P.'s and local board members host guests who are in the know about local and national issues of current concern.

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  • Oceania Career Academy

    • THURSDAY 23/02/2017
    • Health

    Jenny Salesa speaks with John Kotoisuva about the work of the Oceania Career Academy in supporting young people into work and acquiring a trade.

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