Loto Ofa

Thursday, 10 May, 2018

Loto Ofa

Hear what's happening in education, especially early childhood education. Information and resources to help you get your kids through school.

  • Thursday 17/05/2018
    Thursday 3/05/2018
    Thursday 26/04/2018
    Thursday 9/11/2017

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Fanongo ki Tonga

Siosateki and Vasilini are active radio listeners for information and entertainment, so that’s what they and their team are offering on Fanongo ki Tonga.  With news, music, interviews with community members, and discussion of hobbies and sport they’re keen to give Tongans entertaining radio.  Community bulletins and a short devotion round out the show for late night listeners.

Taulama FakaKosipeli

Taulama Faka-Kosipeli is a 30 minute weekly religious programme that offers short devotional messages, words of encouragement, news and weekly bulletins for Tongan Methodists around the Auckland region.

Tongan SDA

For the Tongan Seventh Day Adventist community this is their weekly half hour of choir music, prayer and devotions conducted by a pastor.

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