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Sign Language Week

Friday 05/05/2017

Around 25,000 Kiwis use New Zealand Sign Language /NZSL or Te Reo Rotarota.

And when this year, NZ Sign Language Week offered Taster classes to introduce the hearing to signing they were over-subscribed weeks before the due date.  New Zealanders, it seems, are keen to learn sign language so they can chat with deaf people or talk across a room without shouting. Since the classes are full we thought you’d enjoy learning the alphabet and go to NZSL for more posters of whole words and concepts.

Signing was devised by and for deaf people using hands, lips and facial movement, its vocabulary includes Maori concepts such as marae and tangi, and signs for New Zealand place names. e.g. Rotorua - mud pools,

 Deaf Aotearoa is hosting Sign Ninja – the game that’ll get you handy around signing. Since 2006 Signing has been New Zealand’s third official language and looks flash on a CV.

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