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Sign Language Week

Friday 05/05/2017

New Zealand Sign Language week is May 7-13 this year. Why not tautoko by schooling up on some of the lingo? It is one of Aotearoa’s official languages and as well as supporting the 25,000 Kiwis that use NZ Sign Language/ Te Reo Rotarota, you’ll have the added benefits of being able to communicate through windows, across busy rooms without shouting, and even under water. Pretty cool!

Signing was devised by and for deaf people using hands, lips and facial movement, its vocabulary includes Maori concepts such as marae and tangi, and signs for New Zealand place names. e.g. Rotorua - mud pools. So, for keen new signers, check out the NZSL Alphabet below to get started. For more comprehensive tips and lessons, check out or visit Deaf Aotearoa to discover Sign Ninja, a game that will get you handy around signing.

For more information and to find out ways you can support our deaf and hearing impaired communities, checkout


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